Floating homes and other buildings are by their location on the water a strong relationship with the environment. To reduce the impact on the environment directly and indirectly restricting we strive homes as sustainable as possible to design and implement. This is possible by maximizing the use of sustainable materials and materials to avoid while durable, but for example by leaching to surface water have a negative impact such as copper, zinc or lead. In the selection of durable materials deserve Cradle 2 Cradle materials preferred here, and it is also possible in other areas sustainable profit. On the energetic level, one can mention to high insulation values, the use of heat pumps and heat recovery and use of photovoltaic, thermal and passive solar energy. You could also consider collecting and using rain and surface water for cooling and greywater use.

By using these and further develop techniques will become increasingly feasible in the future energy passive, autarkic, or even active energy floating homes and structures to realize that not only sustainable for the environment, but also for the wallet.